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Here at the Pioneer Balustrades, we offer the best balustrades in Sydney. When it comes to balustrading in Sydney you can be sure that it does not get any better than us. Our products are made from the best quality materials and they reflect the finest in terms of workmanship as well.

Balustrades are a great way to add a touch of elegance to your home. They can be used as a decorative pieces, or simply for safety. Balustrades are available in many different materials and styles, so you can choose one that fits your home’s style and meets your needs.

Our products are built with the highest degree of professionalism & well designed. This is what makes us better than others of our ilk in the city. We also offer you a complete range of services. We offer you customized products as well. The reason for this is our staff members are trained in such work. They can visit your project site and assemble the parts that would be needed for the job. If you want the best balustrade installation in Sydney please feel free to get in touch with us.


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1. How many types of balustrade available?

The Balustrades are arranged in a line of repeating balusters. It is arranged in line with small posts that connects the top of the rail in a railing. We offer a wide range of stainless steel, aluminium, glass, wrought iron and metal balustrades. Our balustrades are strong & beautiful that add value to your home. 

2. What types of material used for balustrades?

Balustrades are most commonly made from three materials; steel, aluminium, or glass. When adding balustrades to your home it is important to choose a style, and material, that will complement the architectural style of your home. Here at pioneer balustrades, we take care of the quality of the material. Our balustrades are made of the finest quality metals, that make our products heavy duty and strong.

3. What is the standard height of a balustrade?

865mm on the stair flight or ramp to 1m at the landing. Any structure that is (1 meter) or higher above the surrounding ground requires a barrier (balustrade) to protect people from falling over the edge. The minimum height for a balustrade is (1 meter). Internally, the height of a balustrade from the point someone is standing should be according to the building code of Australia. externally the height may vary. 

4. Why I Choose Pioneer Balustrades?

Our 40+ years of experience make us specialists of balustrades industry. We offer the best service from the professional’s team at an affordable price. Also, we supply and install a large variety of standard types/styles of balustrades, however, we are always open to suggestions. If your particular requirement is within our capacity and complies with the strict Australian code, we are more than happy to quote and fabricate rails of your own design.

5. Is there any 100% Satisfaction Guarantee?

At Pioneer Balustrade, we guarantee 100% satisfaction. All our products are quality tested. Our expert team strives to provide optimum quality products that are sure to last long and impress you with its endurance. We follow a customer-centric approach.

6. How long does it take to complete the installation?

Depending on the complexity of your staircase, the construction time can vary. For straightforward, traditional staircases, Installation depends on the types of job and products, it may take up to 1 day. Our experienced team install balustrades perfectly with the right safety precaution. 

7. What are the benefits of a balustrade?

Balustrade is a great way to add an elegant touch to your home or garden. It offers a practical and stylish solution for keeping children and pets safe, and it can also help you add space to your outdoor areas.

8. Can Pioneer Balustrades create custom balustrades to fit specific home styles and needs?

Yes, Pioneer Balustrades offers customized products to meet its clients’ specific needs and styles.

9. Are the products from Pioneer Balustrades built to meet Australian safety standards?

Pioneer Balustrades builds its products to meet Australian safety standards.

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