Pioneer Balustrades provide the best quality designer railing products with an extensive range to the customers. The architects and designers work together to provide the most elegant and functional stainless-steel handrails. These are popular due to their extraordinary polish, low maintenance, and cost-effectiveness. We do have a range of aluminium handrails. All the railings are manufactured according to Australian Standards. The combination of modern techniques and accurate design principles to manufacture quality handrails.

Aluminium handrails benefits:

1. Durable
Aluminium railings are not inclined to rust or corrosion and can easily tolerate the harshest weather conditions like snow, ice, rain, and sun. Aluminium railings will also not crack, damage, bend, or shrink, which means that they will remain durable for years to come.

2. Low Maintenance
Aluminium railings are naturally strong, they do not require much maintenance to keep them in perfect condition because most aluminium railings come with a powder-coat finish that will not crack, chip, or peel. In most cases, aluminium railings only need to be cleaned in a few months.

3. Easy to Install
It can be easily installed with basic tools, such as a saw, drill, screws, tape measure, level, and rubber mallet.

4. Affordable
Even though aluminium is not the cheapest option but is affordable that provides a range of benefits. Compared to other types of railings, purchasing aluminium railings can save your money as there is less maintenance cost than other materials.

5. Visually Pleasing
Aluminium railings are available in wide styles and colours. Choosing the right colour and design for your railing will help it blend into its ambiance, allowing the property to look beautiful all over.

6. Corrosion resistance
Aluminium naturally generates a protective oxide coating. This makes it highly corrosion resistant which is particularly useful for handrails. Adding powder coating can further improve the quality of the handrails. This corrosion resistance makes it the perfect material for handrails especially those which will be outdoors.

7. Safety
Aluminium railing will not decompose or decay like wood, it won’t rust away in the critical joints like steel, and it won’t crack in the cold.

8. Recyclable
Aluminium is completely recyclable. It is one of the most recycled products in the world. The factory cut-offs, job site leftovers, and demolition railings can be sold and sent to scrap yards.



If your goal is to get long-lasting, low-maintenance aluminium handrails for your home’s indoor or outdoor setting and make it more appealing these are strong and reliable choices. These can be used in either domestic or commercial settings and are cost-efficient. Contact us at Pioneer Balustrades to learn more about more handrail options with different materials and styles according to your needs.