Pioneer Balustrade has the broadest range of aluminium slat fencing in Sydney. Aluminium slat fencing is widely preferred throughout Australia as it is lightweight, highly durable, quick to install and stylish. Aluminium slat fence panels can be very easily installed without wasting much time. The aluminium slat fencing is a great way to protect your house and garden areas. Pioneer Balustrades are the experts in providing superior quality aluminium slat fencing in Sydney.

Aluminium slat fencing is available in various sizes, colours, and styles. Now add more luxury to your house area with classy fencing options only from Pioneer Balustrades. We have experience of over 15 years in this field. Our technical expertise and in-depth knowledge of this field help us to provide the best quality aluminium slat fencing in Sydney.

Our range of aluminium slat fence panels is sure to suit all types of houses. Our flat top fence design is widely used in Sydney because of its simple appearance and clean lines. They add more aesthetic value.

All our work complies with Australian Standards and is quality checked at our warehouse before installation. We also assist you throughout the fencing process with our expert advice that ensures your house is fully compliant with safety regulations. 

We have the most robust aluminium slat fencing system in Sydney which can be custom made to meet your varied requirements. 

Some of the features of aluminium pool fencing include:

  • Rust Free: The aluminium slat fence is powder-coated to ensure it does not corrode.
  • Durable: The superior quality aluminium and other accessories ensure that the pool fencing is durable and robust.
  • Stain Resistant: Aluminium slat fence is stain-resistant and can be cleaned in a jiffy.
  • Stylish and Chic: Aluminium slat fencing improves the look and feels of your house. It is available in ample colour options. You can choose the colour that best suits your backyard


1. How Much does Aluminium Slat Fence cost in Sydney?

Aluminium Slat Fence in Sydney is extremely popular for its endurance and style. They are the perfect melange lavish looks and safety as well. The aluminium slat fencing in Sydney is widely used as they are strong and has great longevity. The cost of aluminium slat fencing depends upon the quality, size, design and market conditions.

2. Is aluminium a good fencing product?

Aluminum Fencing in Sydney is one of the greatest fencing options. It offers ultimate comfort, they are very easy to maintain. The Aluminum pool fencing is widely used for their stunning looks and affordability. We provide all kinds of services right from full design, manufacture only to installing aluminium fencing in Sydney.

3. Do you order aluminium pool fencing materials directly from the manufacturer?

We manufacture Aluminum pool fencing in Sydney. This gives us complete liberty to provide you with customized aluminium handrails and fencing options in Sydney. Our team of experts strives to understand your requirements and provides you with the best suitable fencing options that are sure to meet your requirements.

4. Why Should I Use Aluminium Slat Fencing Over Wooden Slat Fencing?

Aluminum Slat Fencing are durable and have strong endurance too as compared to wooden slat fencing. Aluminium slat fencing changes the entire look of your house and adds more charm to it. Wooden Slat fencing has conventional looks. Aluminum  Slat Fencing are cost-effective and modern as well.

5. Does Pioneer Balustrades offer installation services for their balustrades and fencing products?

Yes, Pioneer Balustrades offers installation services for their products by trained staff members who can visit project sites and assemble the necessary parts.

6. How does Pioneer Balustrades ensure the quality of their workmanship in creating their products?

Pioneer Balustrades ensures the quality of their workmanship by using the best quality materials and having staff members trained in the field.

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