To make the right decision in selecting the correct Pool Fencing, there are some factors to be considered which are as follows:

1. Material: There are various varieties for the selection of material for the pool fencing. The most in-demand material to be used for pool fencing is mesh, steel, wood, aluminium, and glass panels. Different materials have their limitations and benefits when it comes to pool fencing. However, one’s choice depends on your budget and the type of pool fence which will be suitable for the pool area. In all the materials, glass is the most expensive material used for the Pool Fencing.

2. Design: When deciding the pool fence always keep in mind the general ambiance of the backyard. Some people choose steel material for the pool fence as it’s more durable and can also be painted for the colour of your choice. Different material for pool fencing provides a different look to your backyard. The wooden fence gives the countryside vibe. Glass fence is transparent and gives more visibility.

3. Cost: The cost of the pool fencing includes the cost of the fence and the installation fee. The installation cost depends on the scale of the fencing project. The other thing involved in the cost is the maintenance cost of the fence. It is possible to save the installation cost by installing it yourself, actually not recommended. If an unprofessional person installs the fence it can lead to safety issues and legal problems.

4. Permanent/ Removable: It is one’s personal choice whether to choose a permanent or removable fence according to their preferences. If more space is required around the pool then a removable fence is suitable. On the other hand, if there are young children around then it’s best to install the permanent pool fence.

5. Safety: It is very important to know and understand the safety standards for the installation of pool fencing by the Australian Government. Some of the standards are as follows:

  • The fence must be 1.2 m high
  • 100mm ground clearance
  • Not have any gaps and should be rigid that a child can fit through
  • Not climbable
  • Strong enough to withstand strong winds


6. Dimensions: The dimensions of the fence can be customized given that it meets the government standards. The width and the height of the fencing can be adjusted for example increasing the height of the fence to provide more privacy.
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