A swimming pool is a dream purchase for many, but it’s easy to get caught up in all the fun and luxury one can provide and forget just how dangerous a pool can be. Without an effective safety barrier in place, you’re at risk of having that dream turn into a nightmare. Fences have been used to defend homes for decades, and designated swimming pool fencing should be the main priority if you’re planning to take the plunge.

Glass Pool Fence

  • Swimming pool laws

Australia, have stringent rules on swimming pool fences, and we agree it is necessary to follow the lead if you have or are thinking of building a pool at your home. These rules are in order to protect young children and outline the minimum height, the openings between and below railings, and the styles of locks to be used on gates.  These recommendations set out a reasonable and sensible norm to be followed and emphasize the point that the protection of swimming pools can never be ignored.

  • Protection

The most noticeable feature of pool fences is the high degree of protection it offers. For much of the time, swimming pools remain enjoyable places for friends and family to enjoy, but there is an inherent chance of anybody can go in deep water.

If you have younger children, you know how important it is to keep attention on any kid. One turn of their head and they’re gone, adventuring without any care in the world. Garden fencing is an obstacle that interested children cannot avoid, and the same concept applies to swimming pool fencing. If your child is unsupervised in, the protective fence for your swimming pool will prevent any injuries. The pool left entirely exposed poses a lethal drowning danger for children, but the easy installation of a fence will greatly mitigate this risk.

  • Supervision

You would imagine that the fencing across the pool might conflict with your ability to oversee younger swimmers, but that isn’t the case. The fencing suggested for pools, for example, bow top handrails and wire fence, make it easier to maintain vision even from a distance. This helps you to do a fast search of the pool area and respond automatically if you see something awry.

Glass Pool Fence

  • Maintain visual appeal

The presence of the fencing is still a significant consideration. Luckily, the swimming pool fence will not affect the aesthetic nature of your gardens or any other room. Fencing brings structure to your orchard; a four-foot metal fence is a clever way to segregate the pool without making it seem too imposing. Domestic fence for your pool blends perfectly with the current garden design while improving its level of protection. It’s a straightforward win-win.

  • Professional installation

When designing a swimming pool fence, it is often suggested that you employ the help of a reputable fence installer and contractor. A professional contractor will build and install fencing to meet your unique needs, and this will become more and more important with a pool fence. No matter how big, thin, deep or shallow your pool, Pioneer Balustrades will supply and mount dedicated safety fences that keep your pool secure when not in operation.

Pioneer Balustrades offers a wide variety of domestic and industrial fencing options across New South Wales. For dangerous areas such as pools and wetlands, we ensure careful surveying and construction of bow top fences, wire mesh fences and more, taking professional care to provide secure, durable fencing that adds protection and elegance to your house. To find out more about our swimming pool fence or any of our fence choices, just contact our team today.