Aluminium mesh fences and security gates can be used in a variety of situations and improve the visibility of your property rather than restricting it. Our aluminium slats can be adapted to any fence, blinds or gate, and the battening distance can be changed according to your wishes. Aluminium slats, bricks and bar panels are ideal, with the latter adding a modern style of privacy.

Aluminium slate fences can be customized to ensure the desired privacy without compromising the appearance of the place. Aluminium wooden slatted fences – Vertical and horizontal systems are ideal for allowing sunlight and air supply while maintaining a measured barrier between you and those on the other side. Our slat fencing privacy screens – For decks and balcony areas where you can relax and enjoy total privacy around you.

Depending on the size of the gap between the slats, which determines the level of privacy and security that aluminium or wooden slab fence can provide, either as a vertical or horizontal installation. Innovative horizontal battened fence systems are easy to install and the distance between the slats can be adjusted to your specific privacy needs. More innovative aluminium fences are equipped with spring-loaded connecting systems, which are also easy to assemble.

The 2-way posts sit on two panels for an elegant finished look at your outdoor fence oasis. The wood of the fence comes from smoked oak, beach oak, light oak and western red cedar. There is no need for screws, nails or welding, as the frame is held together by the innovative aluminium slatted fence rivets. 

Start with the top slats and fill the gap between the top 2 slats of the front fence. Depending on how wide your strips are, use 2 space screws to fix the end of the post. You need to cut your back wooden slats to the exact length of the gap between the posts.

One-sided picket fences offer great security, as there is not much privacy between the gaps. There are a few ways to turn it into a double-sided picket fence, but this is our favourite because of its thin profile and overall appearance. Carry on like this until you have it done and picket fencing will look great for years to come.

The lateral channels are mounted on metal posts with self-tapping screws and the upper and lower channels are fastened to the lateral channels with screws. Spacers can be made of various materials such as wood, metal brackets and rubber. Easy installation and innovative fence panel systems can help you build a battened fence that looks better and lasts longer than a wooden fence, which requires nails and screws to fix.

When it comes to fence materials, there are many choices to choose from, with different styles, prices, maintenance and more. Here we break down some of the most popular fencing materials and discuss the pros and cons. Wooden fencing panels are available in a variety of colours and finishes, both natural and print treated.

It is a cheaper option than vinyl or composite but requires regular maintenance such as painting and staining to make it durable. If the budget does not matter, composite fences are a good choice as they do not require maintenance and last a lifetime. Chain wire fences are considered to be the least stylish option among all fence materials, but they are the best choice for those who want to install a fence without breaking the bank.

Pioneer Balustrades has been supplying high-quality wire mesh fences and slats to individual contractors and companies since 1992. Our highly qualified and experienced service staff helps our customers identify their needs and provide the best fence solutions. Bamboo fences offer a unique and natural look and are a popular material in tropical environments.

Discover our wide collection of home decorations and construction products for sale. Built on a unique and customizable aluminium louvre system, this leading range of louvre fences and gates represents a huge leap compared to the generic louvre systems available on the market. This is one of the reasons why our products have become the preferred choice of many Australian households. There is nothing better than fencing his yard and enjoying his realm of tranquillity. When buying a new fence, it can be a big investment to make decisions about materials and goods to be used, especially in Sydney.

Once your order is ready to be delivered, our team will contact you to let you know when your order can be delivered and what to expect on the delivery day. We strive to offer the cheapest and most competitive delivery options when shopping with us. Choose an option if you need fences to be delivered to a location where equipment such as pallets and forks are not available locally.

We at Pioneer Balustrades Slat Fencing Sydney are subject matter experts and provide varieties of quality slat fencing, balustrades, aluminium balustrades and fencing in and around Sydney and throughout Australia, Contact us for a quick and free online quote.

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