Balustrades are a great addition to the design of any place. Whether you are redesigning an area of your home or building from scratch, balustrades are a consideration that must be considered. Some of the tips that should be considered before purchasing a balustrade for your home are as follows:

Consider the location:

The ground on which the balustrade will be fitted, will decide what kind of installation is required. The styling, design, and specifications of a balustrade that’s to be built on a strong and level deck will not be the same as the one that’s to be built on a terrace. Aside from this, the factors like exposure to weather conditions also might play a role in the execution details.

  1. Ensuring safety: This is one of the biggest and primary concerns, it is very important to make sure the materials for your balustrade are meeting that requirement and are in compliance with the local rules and regulations.
  2. Find the right one in the budget: While you want your glass balustrade to look stunning, elegant, and sophisticated, you also need to consider the budget factor. The price of the balustrade will depend on what type of styling you want to use. The frameless ones will look stylish but will require a bit more expensive than the semi-framed and framed installations.
  3. Decide the right design: There is a wide range of options in the market now for balustrades, but to have the right impact, you need to understand the requirements of your home and the design demands. It is beneficial to take an opinion from an expert.
  4. Consider long-term maintenance: To keep the balustrade looking sparkling and new, you need to follow a maintenance schedule for your balustrade.

The Installation of Balustrades is not only meant for decorative purposes but also safety and security. An elevated balcony with an unsafe balustrade or without one is a safety hazard for children and even those of adults. When finalizing the balustrades it is crucial to consider the safety standards of balustrades that are from the construction to the inspection down to the compliance with BCA (Building Code Australia) regulations.

BCA Balustrade regulations and standards

BCA Balustrade regulations and standards

The law dictates that the balustrades must be constructed wherever the difference in height between one floor or surface is greater than one meter from an adjoining floor or surface. BCA regulations state that a balustrade generally must:

  • Be at least 1 meter high as measured from the finished floor
  • Have openings between risers or posts no greater than 125mm
  • Be able to withstand loads and impacts as determined by AS 1170.1

These are just basic standards you should primarily consider for your balustrades.

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