Add more style and luxury to your property with our exceptional fencing choices for customers in the eastern suburbs of Sydney. We are known for our top-quality vertical slat fencing in Sydney. Aluminium is an excellent material and is widely used around Australia for fencing purposes. The strength of this metall, as well as its flexibility make it an attractive choice for fencing. vertical slat fencing is durable and does not require regular maintenance. It is very tolerant to different climates.

We provide excellent vertical slat fencing in the eastern suburbs of Sydney. Our team of experts makes sure to understand all your requirements and will suggest the best fencing solutions that meet all your needs.  Our team of experts strives to provide the best possible service to our valued customers. All our products are quality checked and are compliant with Australian Standards. We also offer customised fencing throughout the eastern suburbs of Sydney and beyond.

Our superior quality fencing is designed to keep your family safe. The vertical slat fencing is a perfect choice for garden and pool areas. vertical slat fencing can be easily installed and is very reasonably priced, as well as being an economical long-term solution. Prefabricated fence panels are installed in-the-ground or with a base above ground.  

Fencing is always compulsory around most houses in Sydney to ensure safety from drowning. We also provide boundary fencing in Sydney. Please ensure that you install compliant fencing around your house. We can assist you in making sure that your house fence is fully compliant with council standards.

We are the leading suppliers of vertical slat fencing in the eastern Suburbs and throughout Sydney. We also customise fencing according to your requirements. We also offer a manufacture or design and installation service in Sydney and allied areas. Contact our expert team now!



1. What is powder coating on fences?

Powder coating, if professionally installed and maintained, is a long-lasting decorative coating that can be treated to the surface of your fence. Powder coating can be used to increase the strength of a fence and to change the colour of a fence to fit your specifications.

2. Will a fence be able to last even in harsh environmental conditions?

Yes, if you choose the right kind of fence. A simple wooden panel fence may be no match for the harsh Australian environment but stronger fences, such as heavily galvanised fencing, is designed to withstand even the most adverse of weather and environmental conditions.

3. Will the area I need fencing be too big/too small?

If you’re worried that your job may be too big or too small, contact a fencing company that manufactures on site and can, therefore, customise fencing to your exact specifications.

4. What type of fencing is right for me?

Unfortunately, there is no universal answer to this as every residential, commercial or industrial fencing need is individual. For example, if you require fencing for security reasons there are multiple fencing options including traditional palisade fencing, high security mesh and boulevard safety mesh fencing. To best answer this question, speak to an expert who can advise you on what fence would best suit your needs.


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