Slat fencing is very perceptible across Australia, with the conspicuous benefits of slat fencing with modern looks changing with time. In recent years, the popularity of aluminium slat fencing has increased. It offers a high level of security and privacy with the latest look. These fences are generally used at the front of the property because of their modern looks, although these can be used anywhere at your property. The slats can vary greatly in width, and by spacing them at the optimum distance apart, one can create a unique style for your home. 


The aluminium fences won’t rot and don’t need any repainting, easy to manage and in the budget, making sure that the owner doesn’t need to worry about the fence for a long time. Aluminium fencing is very adaptable to solitary requirements and desires. The height of the fence and the gaps between the slaps depend on one’s choice. The unique quality of the gates goes beautifully together with other materials like bricks and tiles. The latest designs of slat fencing attract all the eyes and are very durable; it can be powder coated with any colour of your choice to enhance the looks of the property with appropriate selection.



While deciding to buy a new fence for your property is a significant investment and the best material to be used. Wooden fences give a natural and beautiful look to the property, but there are many drawbacks.

Disadvantages of using Wooden Fencing

When it comes to outdoor fencing, wooden fencing looks wonderful, but there is a large number of disadvantages of it which are as follows:

  1. Substantial maintenance needed: The wooden slats require maintenance at least twice a year like repainting, replacing slats of the fence, or varnishing; otherwise, they will rot away, shrink or warp. It is not maintained regularly, it will deteriorate quickly and won’t look nice, resulting in wastage of money.
  2. Treated wood is toxic: The wooden slats are treated with harmful toxins to ensure that termites and white ants won’t get attracted and start chewing away wood. Because of the chemicals involved, it should be kept out of the reach of vegetable patches, children, and pets.
  3. Good wood is heavy: It is costly to get a wooden slat fence; it’s essential to consider the cost before deciding. It needs to be cut in the exact correct size, so a professional carpenter is also required, which is an extra cost on top of wood cost.


Advantages Of Using Aluminium Slat Fencing

In recent years, aluminium fencing has been in demand and comes in a more realistic and natural look. Some of the advantages of using Aluminium slat fencing are as follows:

  1. Practically maintenance-free: One of the most significant advantages of aluminium fencing is that it doesn’t require any time-to-time maintenance.
  2. No chemicals: As there are no chemicals needed in aluminium slat fencing, there is no worry about keeping your children, pets, and veggie patch safe from chemicals. You can still get the naturally beautiful look that a wooden slat will provide without any toxic chemicals and high maintenance.
  3. Durable: Wooden slats won’t last for years like the aluminium slats. Wooden slats will fall over and crumble, whereas aluminium slats won’t rot away.
  4. Long-term investment: Rust, erosion, and other deterioration, aluminium can virtually brush off every single time. It’s been a practically good investment for many years without any expensive maintenance required.
  5. Price: If we compare the wooden slats or brick, the cost will be much higher than the aluminium slats. So, you will end up spending significantly less, which will be beneficial.
  6. Easy to assemble: Aluminium is one of the lightest metals to handle and work with. It is very easily manageable and can be assembled at the houses or buildings.
  7. Range of Colours and styles: The aluminium slat fencing can be coated with the colour of your choice as suitable to one’s outdoor area and matches.

Aluminium Balustarde

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